How To Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

Lived in a community for years and still don’t know your neighbors? We watch them come and go, but are hesitant to walk up and introduce ourselves. It is a pity that we may be missing out on developing relationships with some fascinating people. Who doesn’t want more amazing friends?! Here are some simple tips to make introducing yourself a bit easier.

Spend more time outside. Take a walk. Any neighbors that you come in contact with you can say hello. Look for opportunities to start a conversation. If a neighbor is in their garden, you could ask for some gardening tips. Inquiring about a dog someone is walking is prime for conversation. These are great opportunities to introduce yourself.

Bring your neighbor some treats! Sometimes it is best to knock on the door, dessert in hand, and introduce yourself. Your neighbor will more than likely be thrilled that you took the initiative in making the first step, and who doesn’t love a treat?!

Invite your immediate neighbors over for a small meet and greet. If the weather is nice, then a backyard setting is perfect. Ask your neighbors to bring a small dish to share. Chances are that none of your neighbors have been officially acquainted with each other so they will enjoy the opportunity to learn something about one another. Keep this get together short, unless everyone is clicking, and try to set up future get togethers…

Attend block parties. There is no better way to get to know your neighbors than attending an event in which everyone is interacting together.